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Small Business

Challenge: A group of ailing businesses throughout the state of New York came to Gotham in need of a solution for what was becoming a growing tax issues.

Solution: The Gotham team worked with the Department of Taxation to reduce the computation and collection of taxes.

Result: Ultimately, these businesses were refunded the finances lost while overpaying increased taxes. As a result, they not only remained in operation but were able to afford more products and improve their ability to service consumers.

Challenge: A coalition of small businesses who were suffering in a market heavily regulated by the government came to Gotham in an effort to ensure that proposed legislation would not prove more stringent in the future.

Solution: Gotham devised a vigorous lobbying effort to prevent harmful legislation from passing. In addition our team gave the coalition a voice by introducing their business leaders to government officials who could aid in rectifying their predicament.

Result: Gotham specialists prevented cataclysmic measures from being enforced, and as a result preserved the livelihood of these small business owners.


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