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Grassroots Campaigns

At Gotham, we will employ grassroots campaign tactics organized and led by influential community leaders rather than professional political operatives. Our campaigns have been very effective, as they can tap into the energy and enthusiasm of your community. 

Here are some of the critical elements of our strategy:

  • Volunteers: We can help organize volunteers with various tasks, such as phone banking, canvassing, and organizing events.


  • Local issues: We will engage your community with local issues that are often more important to ordinary people than national issues.


  • Unconventional tactics: We will initiate some tactics not bound by the same rules and conventions as traditional political campaigns.

Grassroots campaigns can be a powerful force for change. They can help to raise awareness of important issues, they can mobilize people to take action, and they can help to elect candidates who are committed to representing the interests of ordinary people.


Gotham Government Relations to set up a meeting by calling (212) 641-0499 Ext. 54103. 

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