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Crisis Management

Whether it’s a false allegation or a story spun wrong, where you turn in times of crisis can make all the difference. 

Our team of qualified professionals is here to help you navigate the ever-changing world of media in a way that will always leave your organization feeling capable and protected. At Gotham, we partner with our clients to assess potential problems and prevent disasters before they can occur. Our goal is to reveal the qualities that make your organization one to be admired, and we will stop at nothing to ensure a public face you can be proud of.

Disaster Preparedness

The best defense is always a potent offense, and here at Gotham, we believe in giving you all the tools necessary to control the reputation you maintain. Through a well-organized, tactical approach, our experts lay out a step-by-step plan to prevent disaster from occurring.

Emergency Response

The success of an organization is often based on the reputation it maintains. When a crisis occurs, immediate action must be taken. Here at Gotham, we approach crisis response aggressively, leaving no stone unturned and, ultimately, stopping at nothing to provide our clients with the best method for moving forward.


Gotham Government Relations to set up a meeting by calling (212) 641-0499 Ext. 54103. 

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