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David Schwartz

David Schwartz

Zyan Espinal

Government Relations Scheduler

Zyan Espinal is an integral part of Gotham Government Relations, serving as the Scheduler and primary liaison for legislative communications. With a background in political science and extensive campaign experience, Zyan ensures efficient coordination and strong relationships with elected officials.


Zyan Espinal serves as the Scheduler at Gotham Government Relations (GGR), expertly coordinating the team's meetings with elected officials to ensure seamless and efficient communication. Zyan holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and has a robust background in political campaigning, having experience working on State Assembly campaigns. As the primary point of contact for GGR regarding legislative communications, Zyan plays a pivotal role in maintaining and enhancing the organization's relationships with key political stakeholders.

Driven by a deep passion for politics and a fervent desire to expand their knowledge, Zyan is dedicated to leveraging the extensive experience and insights offered by the dynamic environment at Gotham Government Relations. Zyan's commitment to excellence and continuous learning positions them as an invaluable asset to the GGR team, poised to contribute significantly to the firm's ongoing success.

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