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David Schwartz

David Schwartz

Technology & Cyber Law Chair

Star Kashman leads Gotham's advocacy efforts in areas including Artificial Intelligence, online child safety, data privacy, social media regulation, cybercrime legislation, and more. Kashman is an award-winning legal scholar and attorney known for her pioneering work in technology and cyber law.

As Technology & Cyber Law Chair at Gotham Government Relations, Star is dedicated to advancing policies that protect consumers and enhance digital security. She is also a commentator on technology, internet, social media, cybersecurity, and privacy law issues.

For press inquiries, please contact Star at

Star Kashman, Esq.


Star Kashman is the founder of Cyber Law Firm, where she has been committed to assisting victims of cybercrime and supporting tech innovators. She serves as a legal editor for an AI, Marketing, and Ethics Substack, contributes to technology law posts on USAttorneys, and provides marketing and social media growth assistance to various businesses.

Known for her groundbreaking publications on the legality of Search Engine Hacking, Kashman has made significant contributions to the field of digital safety and cyber law. She wrote the first publications examining the legality of Google Dorking (a/k/a Search Engine Hacking), earning recognition from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), which oversees the CIA and NSA, for her contributions to a safer digital age. Her work earned her an award from the ODNI. Star continues to be nominated and shortlisted for numerous industry awards, including the Young Digital Professional of the Year Award, Women in Tech Community Award, and Security Rising Star of the Year Award.

Previously, Kashman worked at a high-profile New York City law firm renowned for protecting victims of tech-facilitated abuse, sexual assault, and stalking. Her tenure there was marked by significant contributions to high-profile cases and the development of innovative legal strategies to combat digital crimes.

During her time at Brooklyn Law School, she led a privacy and cyber law reform project that brought together influential experts and ethical hackers to discuss the legality and dangers of Google Dorking. Her pioneering work in this area culminated in the first published legal articles on Search Engine Hacking, earning her widespread recognition.

In addition to her legal practice, Kashman advises companies on social media growth and teaches them about algorithms and the inner workings of online platforms. She has extensive experience in advertisement and media strategy, social media management, HTML, CSS, web design, Photoshop, and open-source investigation. Star is a frequent commentator in articles and on TV and news platforms, discussing a wide range of topics from technology and internet to social media, cybersecurity, privacy, and law.

Star is admitted to practice law in Pennsylvania, Vermont, and New Jersey, and is pending admission in New York and Connecticut. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Binghamton University and her Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School.

Awards And Public Appearances

  • Awarded by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence

  • Created the first legal publication on Google Dorking

  • Shortlisted for Young Professional of the Year Award

  • Shortlisted for Security Rising Star of the Year Award

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