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David Schwartz

David Schwartz

Jacqueline Téllez is an accomplished professional with a diverse background spanning various industries. With an exceptional aptitude for operations management, administrative excellence, and a passion for sustainability, Jacqueline has made a remarkable impact throughout her career.

With a proven track record of success and a wealth of experience in operations management, administrative support, and organizational closure, Jacqueline Téllez is a consummate professional. Her attention to detail, dedication to exceptional service, and ability to navigate complex business environments make her an invaluable asset to any organization fortunate enough to have her on board.

Jacquie Téllez


As the Part Owner and Director of Operations at NYCitySlab, LLC, located in Yonkers, NY, Jacqueline has pioneered the repurposing of fallen trees into exquisite custom residential and commercial furniture. Her role encompasses a wide range of responsibilities, including human resources, financial management, and lease management for the company's two locations. Jacqueline also spearheads website maintenance, newsletter creation, and blog management, ensuring effective communication with clients. Her attention to detail is further demonstrated through her meticulous upkeep of the client database and oversight of payroll processes. Furthermore, Jacqueline provides an unparalleled level of service, delivering white glove experiences to each client. As a skilled supervisor, she leads a dedicated team of five individuals, fostering a collaborative and efficient work environment.

Prior to her tenure at NYCitySlab, Jacqueline served as the Personal Assistant to Patricia M. Cloherty, Former Chairman of Delta Private Equity Partners, LLC, based in New York, NY. In this role, she demonstrated her exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail by managing all aspects of Ms. Cloherty's personal affairs, including travel arrangements, correspondence, and meeting schedules. Additionally, Jacqueline played a vital role in the sale of a Moscow apartment, coordinating the return of personal belongings to New York City and overseeing the cataloging and archiving process. She provided invaluable administrative support during Ms. Cloherty's consulting engagements, liaising with vendors, service providers, and staff at her NYC residence.

Jacqueline's exceptional contributions led her to join Delta Private Equity Partners, LLC as a Consultant, where she was highly regarded and rehired to assist in the company's organizational closure. During her time there, she exhibited her exceptional organizational skills by effectively managing various tasks. This included filing documentation to dissolve the company, terminating equipment leases, and assisting in the renegotiation of office leases. Jacqueline also played a key role in cataloging and archiving company files, ensuring smooth transitions between temporary offices and storage facilities in New York City and Moscow. Moreover, she adeptly handled financial matters such as bill payments and managed human resources, diligently overseeing benefits, vacation, and 401K plans for departing staff. Jacqueline's commitment to excellence extended to supporting the chairman in all administrative matters during his transition out of a full-time position.

From 2001 to 2009, Jacqueline served as the Program Director and Assistant Corporate Secretary at Delta Private Equity Partners, LLC. With a focus on developing and funding fast-growing companies in Russia, Jacqueline played a pivotal role in establishing Delaware entities for the distribution of funds. Her expertise in legal documentation was instrumental in issuing shares, producing corporate resolutions, powers of attorney, certifications, and other crucial documents for both U.S. and Russian operations. Jacqueline also ensured compliance with IRS and Russian Tax Authority regulations by meticulously completing and monitoring all required documentation.

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